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Written By: R.W. Bowen

   I am a C 3-4 quad, without the use of hands or arms, and I have no problems at all zeroing in on target.

   Jerry Olson, a friend of mine, designed and built the first prototype of the SR-77 Shooting Rest. It has been great to get back into shooting again. Now instead of watching while my friends shoot targets, I can be part of it, a sport I love. The beautiful thing about the shooting rest is that you can go from shooting targets with an air rifle to hunting deer with a hi-powered with ease. Once your rifles have been modified they can be interchanged within minutes. Better yet the shooting rest is completely safe, using reasonable care, to both you and those with you.

   If you have a suitable rifle we would be glad to modify it for you, or we can furnish you with a modified model of your choice. I am a FFL dealer and will offer you the rifle at wholesale plus 15%. We require a 50% deposit on the Rest and full payment on the rifle, the balance will be shipped C.O.D. Rifle and scope prices are available on request.


Reasonable Care

Care that a prudent person would ordinarily exercise under the circumstances. It is the just, proper, ordinary, usual and appropriate use under the circumstances.


IT IS UNDERSTOOD that SR-77 ENTERPRISES, INC. does not give any guarantee or warranty expressed or implied, as to the quality, fitness, or merchantability of the SR-77 Shooting Rest and that the product is sold "AS IS". SR-77 ENTERPRISES, Inc. does not authorize any person to make any guarantees or warranties with respect to the SR-77 Shooting Rest, and buyer should be aware that no person has the authority to make any oral agreements, guarantees, or warranties collateral to the sale of the SR-77 Shooting Rest.